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46th BCS Circular 2023: Apply Now for 3,140 Posts

The Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) has recently announced the publication of the 46th BCS Circular for the year 2023. This circular brings forth a great opportunity for individuals aspiring to join the prestigious civil service of Bangladesh. With a total of 3,140 vacant posts available, this is an excellent chance for candidates to pursue a rewarding career in the public sector.

The 46th BCS Circular was officially released on [date]. The deadline for applications is set for 31 December 2023. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply online through the official website of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) at The application process will commence on 10 December 2023, providing candidates with ample time to complete their applications.

The BCS examination is known for its rigorous selection process, which consists of a preliminary examination, a written examination, and a viva voce (oral) test. It is essential for candidates to thoroughly prepare for each stage of the examination to increase their chances of success.

While the 46th BCS Circular highlights the number of available posts, it is important to note that these posts are distributed across various cadres and services. The circular provides detailed information regarding the number of vacancies in each cadre, allowing candidates to make informed decisions about their preferred choices.

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Eligibility criteria for the BCS examination include age limits, educational qualifications, and nationality requirements. Candidates must carefully review the circular to ensure they meet all the necessary criteria before submitting their applications. It is crucial to provide accurate and verifiable information during the application process to avoid any disqualification or complications in the future.

Preparing for the BCS examination requires dedication, perseverance, and a comprehensive study plan. Candidates are advised to gather relevant study materials, such as previous years’ question papers, recommended textbooks, and online resources, to enhance their preparation. Additionally, joining coaching centers or study groups can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the preparation phase.

Time management is crucial during the examination, as candidates are required to complete each section within a specified time frame. Practicing mock tests and solving sample papers can help candidates improve their speed and accuracy, enabling them to perform well in the actual examination.

Furthermore, candidates should focus on developing their general knowledge and staying updated with current affairs. Reading newspapers, magazines, and online news portals can help candidates stay informed about national and international events, which often form a significant part of the examination.

It is important to approach the BCS examination with a positive mindset and confidence in one’s abilities. The competition may be tough, but with the right preparation and dedication, success can be achieved. Candidates should also remember that failure in one attempt does not define their abilities, and they can always try again in future BCS examinations.

In conclusion, the 46th BCS Circular for the year 2023 presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a career in the civil service of Bangladesh. With 3,140 vacant posts available, candidates are encouraged to apply within the given deadline and prepare diligently for the examination. By following a structured study plan, staying updated with current affairs, and maintaining a positive mindset, candidates can increase their chances of success in the BCS examination.

46th BCS Circular 2023: PDF File Download 

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